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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Shed The Inhibitions

Almost everyone I know is fed up of the current government at the center for innumerable reasons. Still the general feedback I get from people regarding elections 09 is not very pleasing.
As much as I hate the goons in Congress, I'm obliged to admire the way they've controlled the media. Almost any channel I tune in shows 'why not to vote for the BJP?'.

That leads me to ask myself this question. Are these people supposed the flood the minds of the youth with utter nonsense and contempt for the BJP and love for the power hungry Congress?
Are these people the ones to decide who will govern the country for the next 5 yrs that will leave an imprint on the national fabric for the next 50 years.
There is a slurry of channels that are humming the anti-BJP, anti-Hindu tune. A short list would be:
Times Now
NDTV Pakistan
Headlines Today

The BJP and its supporters are an endless list of intellectuals and financially well-offs. In all this time couldn't even one person take the charge and float a National Level News Channel that could give an unbiased picture of the BJP?

This a simple lack of strategy and vision on part of the BJP.
I'd wanted my leaders to do more to make their presence felt.
Wish someone takes cue from this and floats some media house for the 2014 elections.
Oh! And, I'm still optimistic that we'll win the 2009 elections.